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we are the systems-furniture "LIFT" experts 
for  occupied Office Carpet Tile Installation
Nation wide!


NLI at a glance

National Lift Installation, Inc. is a highly recognized, national flooring installation company specializing in re-carpeting of occupied office space known as "carpet lift" or just "lift".  Our company is designed to partner with carpet dealers or end users across the country who demand the best service.

Precise subfloor preparation is essential to protect your flooring...

Subfloor Repair

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 We have demo'd high traffic areas like airports and malls as well...

Flooring Demolition

Tile Installation

We have been in the forefront of "lift" or occupied office...

NLI schedule anywhere

Feel free to schedule a no obligation phone call with flooring expert's that can answer questions such as…. why is the backing on the carpet more important than the top…. why is the current condition of my building's floor so important to my carpet selection….. how do you lift all of my furniture without damaging it….. what is a typical budget for my size project?


Reachability: We cover the nation. There is nowhere we won't go. Take a look at some of the locations we've serviced in the past few months.