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Carpet Lift | Library Stack Moving

Library Stack Mover

For Rent or Hire 

How to lift Library stacks

Here at NLI Inc.,

we can also move library stacks for carpet tile installation. This process uses a patented piece of equipment that is assembled on each side of the library stack and attaches to the main frame of the shelves.

The entire unit is  then lifted

-  books and all -  

and rolled out of the way for flooring installation 

This service can be performed by NLI  staff or we can rent you the equipment.

 Information & quotes : 615 533-0159

NLI factory crew


  email response From one of our customers !


On Feb 16, 2024, at 3:51 PM, John London <> wrote:

Hi Willy, 


I got your voicemail and wanted to thank you for Jason and his partners’ help today to train and get us up to speed with utilizing your lifts. They were phenomenal and the lifts are just incredible. I will keep you posted on our progress to lock down the pickup date. So thankful for your help!   


Thank You,



John London 

Vice President | Planes Companies

2635 Planes Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46219

Cell: 317-714-xxxx  |

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