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Carpet Installation | Carpet-Tile-Cubicles

National Lift Installation, Inc. uses specially designed lift equipment that raises office furniture, cubicles and moveable walls less than an inch from the floor, allowing overnight carpet tile replacement without disturbance to personal spaces or cable connections. This drastically reduces employee downtime while protecting against damage to furniture and electronics, and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Our lift process has proven to be the most efficient and economical method for companies to re-carpet their offices, a savings of 30-40% from the old fashioned way of tearing down and rebuilding the furniture systems.


Please watch the video:

National Lift Installation | Carpet Installation

Project Managers

Our contractors have only one project at a time…yours - 24/7 until completed to your satisfaction.  They are dedicated to your project and making sure you are pleased with both the experience and the end-product.  This includes a daily walk-thru and communication with all of the employees that were directly affected by the carpet installation the previous night to verify that everything was put back correctly.  We understand that if a filing cabinet is a single inch out of place, your employees know it since they typically spend more waking hours in their cubicle than at their own homes.

Systems Furniture Lift, Office Carpet Installation

NLI Installers

We train all of our contractors from the ground up because a lift installer needs to have as much knowledge of flooring, subfloor types, and systems furniture as they do of carpet installation.

National Lift Installation | Carpet Installation

NLI Dedication

We send our contractors  to your job site and put them in a hotel across the street from your project.  What that means to you is that there are no flat tires, soccer games, dental appointments or any other of common reasons for your carpet installer to not show up.    

Carpet Installation | Carpet-Tile-Cubicles

NLI Safety

At NLI inc., safety is a huge priority. We can proudly state that we have never had a workers comp claim.  

Carpet Installation | Carpet-Tile-Cubicles

Lift Equipment

are contractors  use specialized jacks developed to safely lift all varieties of systems (modular) furniture.  We carry attachments that are modified to work with the type and model of your office furniture.  

Carpet Installation | Carpet-Tile-Cubicles

Competitive Rate

Due to the fact that about 90% of our business is “lift”, we can usually come to your town and give you a better rate than local firms.  Due to our experience, focus, and preparation, we are able to provide you with a higher production rate per night which equates to lower installation costs to you. 

National Lift Installation | Carpet Installation


Simply saying, after 20 years in the industry, each crew shows up with the correct equipment to complete the project, so there are no surprises or delays.

National Lift Installation | Carpet Installation


We have extensive knowledge of systems furniture, floor preparation, carpet products and proper installation methods. We stay connected with carpet and furniture manufacturers to ensure that we have the most current information necessary for a successful lift installation.  


Want to speak with a specialist about your needs? We're here to help, so please contact us with any questions you have.

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