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National Lift Installation, Inc. 


Call us to have any type of flooring removed


  •  Carpet Removal / Demolition

  •  VCT Tile Removal / Demolition

  •  Ceramic Tile Removal / Demolition

  •  Rubber Flooring Removal / Demolition

  •  Hardwood Flooring Removal / Demolition

  •  Sports Floor Removal /Demolition

  •  Hospital Flooring Removal / Demolition 

  •  Zero Emissions

  •  Office Buildings / Small Spaces

  •  Schools 

Demolition Story

NLI is continuously looking for ways to remain a leader in our industry by adding value for our customers.

Several years ago we realized that demolition was costing some clients dearly in both time and money.  We decided to invest in a first class ride-on scrapper/removal machine.   


We researched all of the available machines, inside and out, realizing it would be one of our largest investments as a full-service flooring contractor.


We finally narrowed our selection down to two machines and then watched them work side by side on a casino demolition.  From there it was an easy choice to make, the Terminator T-2000EI was a clear winner.


Now that it's been a few years, we know we made the right choice.  We have used the Terminator to remove thousands of yards of badly stuck carpet, thousands of square feet of ceramic tile, as well as schools and stores full of VCT.  We have also demo’d rubber flooring in college gyms, and hardwood in retail stores, among hundreds of other smaller projects.


We have done all of this demo while needing to only replace one part on the Terminator. That part was a pedal that cost under $200 and our driver, Jason Ladd, was able to replace it with a socket set and 30 minutes of his time.  

National Lift Installation | Carpet Installation

Now That's Impressive

The service and support from Innovatech has been outstanding from our first inquiry in 2007 and continues today.


To point, in the beginning of the intensive ceramic tile removal project at the Nashville International Airport.  Scott Chapple, our Senior Project Manager, spoke to Roger Wiggins, the owner of Innovatech, more than a dozen times about the project requirements.  Innovatech sent us several different blades to try out until we found the one that worked best for this particular combination of thin set, tile, and concrete.

Once we established the proper blades for the project, the production doubled which resulted in unexpected cost savings for our customer.


We just want to thank Roger and Innovatech for being a great company to work with whenever we need anything!

The Terminator Tent

Our concept for the Terminator Tent came to us out of necessity.  We were on a huge Mall project and were instructed by the facility manager to minimize dust as the mall was still open during the day.  Due to the size of the project, the traditional method of taping sheets of plastic to “wrap” an area was labor intensive. We were having to wrap an entire wing of storefronts each night before we started and allow time to unwrap the area when we finished.  As you can imagine, that was more time taping plastic than removing tile.


So, with a quick trip to Sam’s Club, the arrival of a dust handler (ordered online) and about 5 hours of modifications (i.e., adding wheels and extending the canvas to reach all of the way to the ground) we had the Terminator Tent and it added 4 hours a night to our productivity.


That client now requests one on every demolition project that is in occupied space.

National Lift Installation | Carpet Installation
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